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Introducing The Resorts360 Sales Center System...
Allowing You To Work Your Business Smarter, Not harder!

When starting a new business venture it is important to give your business all the advantages available to be successful. The Sales Center for Resorts360 provides for you the advantages necessary to take your business to the next level of success.

As the original Sales Center System in the Network Marketing industry, we have been in the market place since February 2005, providing our clients with cutting edge performance and results.

We have revolutionized the home-based business industry by taking the burden of selling away from the business owner and putting it in the hands of Professional Sales System. By doing so, we take the fear of selling, and/or asking for the money out of the equation. Our Sales Center System combines the power of Professional Conference Calls/Webinar Presentations with our Professional Account Executives. Our System gives your prospects all the information necessary to make an informed and relaxed decision as to whether or not this business is right for them.

Once your new Member joins Resorts360 our Member Support Staff will show them how to plug into the Resorts360 Marketing website and also our exclusive Back Office (with our real time tracking system). The Sales Center System will help you every step of the way when it comes to you getting your business up and running at full speed.

We welcome the opportunity to explain our business model that has transformed the way home - based business is being promoted. This revolutionary concept has allowed us to consistently earn our clients tens of thousands of dollars on a monthly basis.

How the Sales Center System Works

The Sales Center System utilizes numerous techniques to help build your business. Once you are up and running with Resorts360 you will have a combination of Training Calls/Material offered by Resorts360 and the Resorts360 Sales Center System. This training will help you introduce your Prospects to not only Resorts360 but through various tools put your Prospects in contact with the Sales Center. You can direct your Prospects to our Live Weekly Conference Calls and Webinars so our Professional Staff can explain the benefits of Resorts360. Everyone that attends the Conference Calls and Webinars that are interested in learning more about Resorts360 will be contacted by our Account Executives here at the Sales Center. Our Staff will answer all your Prospects questions, follow up and close the sale. In addition to the Sales Center Systems Live Weekly Conference Calls and Webinars you will have access to the Sales Centers Toll Free number. You can market the Toll Free number and have your Prospects call directly into the Sales Center to get all their questions answered, and to join the Resorts360 opportunity.

The Sales Center Systems Live Back Office Tracking System: Anytime we speak to one of your Prospects here at the Sales Center their information is entered into our Back Office Tracking System. As a Member of the Sales Center System you will be assigned a specific ID#, and with your ID# you will be able to access the Back Office. In your Back Office you will be able to see your Prospects name, phone number and Real Time notes entered by your Account Executive as to how the conversation with your Prospect went.

Do what Successful People do!

We all know one of the richest men in the world is Bill Gates but I can guarantee he is NOT going to call your house tonight and try to sell you something. He has a Professional Sales System that does the selling for him.

I am proud to say that our Sales Center System has made our clients over the years tens of thousands of dollars in commissions, by giving them the edge it takes to compete in the business world. I would like the opportunity to show you what the Sales Center System can do for you and your Resorts360 business.

Our success is based on your success - the only way we make any money is by CLOSING SALES. It is an advantage for us to make sure you get all the help you need when it comes to you working with your Resorts360 Business

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